Dust off that old brain of yours and let your creativity flow! Nintendo is running an art contest focused on the adorable characters from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The catch, pictures must be drawn using Art Academy: SketchPad (only available on the Wii U).


“December” brought to you by Miiverse forum member Timmy

Following the success from similar drawing contests focused on The Year of Luigi and The Legend of Zelda series, director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Aya Kyogoku, thought that this would be a fun event to hold and personally, I’m way too excited to see the entries! I’m such a sucker for Animal Crossing!

Here are a few more guidelines for the art contest:

  • Pictures must feature at least one character from the Animal Crossing series.
  • Entries are limited to one original work per person.
  • Specify the month of your choosing.
  • Drawings will be chosen by Nintendo based on the skill, artistic expression, originality and creativity of the author.

The event goes on until March 6 or after there are over 1000 comments to the contest post here. What are you waiting for?! Show off your adorable drawings now!

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