Nintendo finally showed us the Nintendo NX/ Nintendo Switch this morning and it looks like all of the rumors were true. This will be a dockable tablet console with small controllers that attach to the sides. No specs were shown in this trailer and to be completely honest, I don’t mind. This is what Nintendo needed to do in order to get people excited again. There are a few things that I want to note from this video:

1.The console may/will be backwards compatible. We saw Splatoon show up many times
2.The console will be able to play games like Skyrim (remastered?)
4.Removable controllers

The console itself does not look large in size. The screen may be as large (if not a little bigger) as the Wii U controller. We already know that the Switch will be using a Nvidia mobile processor in order to extend the device’s battery life. The removable controllers may support motion controls. This is pretty impressive seeing that the controllers are so small. I am excited to see what is to come with the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch will release March 2017

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