If there was ever any rumor or speculation I’d want to be true, this would have to be it. Apparently, a few revealing jobs postings by Sony Bend (developers of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and past Syphon Filter titles) have lead many to believe that we’ll be seeing a new Syphon Filter game. This means that Gabe Logan and the gang may be making a return on the PlayStation Vita.


SCE Bend apparently had been looking for someone to work on the online portion of a AAA Vita title. The last two versions of Syphon Filter were both portable and had very successful online components. Could this be a possible hint at a new Syphon Filter Vita title? Could the Vita title be coming with a PS3 or PS4 platform version as well? Only time will tell in this cruel cruel world… so we will wait. Until then, here’s a look at the infamous job posting that lead up to this mind fart we call a story.

Via: Hybrid Games

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