Today Insomniac Games released a gameplay trailer and some new screenshots for their highly anticipated third person shooter action game, Sunset Overdrive. The Xbox One exclusive chronicles the story of an unnamed protagonist trying to survive through an epidemic that has plagued his city, Sunset City. The source of this epidemic is a new energy drink named, Overcharge Delirium XT — once released to the public and is consumed, it turns all the inhabitants of Sunset City into Overdrive mutants. In Sunset Overdrive the apocalyptic city is going to be your playground, as the protagonist learns to embrace the apocalypse.

The trailer displays: all the different types of factions that are also surviving within the city, how to traverse the city, types of enemies you will encounter, and all of the unique weapons you will be using to dispatch all of those enemies. Check out the trailer and the screens for the game below.




Source Insomniac Games Official Website  

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