Evolve,  is either a first person shooter or a third person survival action game — depending on which role you decide to take on.  The latest game from the Left 4 Dead developer, Turtle Rock Studios, allows the player to either be the hunters, which includes: Markov the Assault class, a trapper named Griffin, Hank for support, and Val as their medic; or you could be Goliath the monster they are hunting. The game is not a traditional multiplayer game, and it also differs from any shooter– having a 4 versus 1, instead of having an equal number of members on a team.The trailer demonstrates that even though the monster is outnumbered, that it is also far from being outmatched by the hunters. It seems that the environment that the fierce hunt will take place on, is a character itself. The monster can use various traps and creatures spread throughout the level– This might be the most dangerous game.

The interactive trailer that was just released today, shows a full match between live players as the hunters and the monster, with commentary if you prefer it. You can jump to each character’s perspective, including the monster’s in the exciting trailer. Check it out below:


Evolve is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this coming fall.


Via Kotaku

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