Our good friends at Naughty Dog are participating in an exciting company tour of SpaceX today. A buddy of mine, Naughty Dog Environment Artist David Ballard, tweeted his excitement for the tour earlier today.




Now while this clearly appears to be nothing more than a fun, friendly company outing, an inquiring mind has to wonder what types of inspiration to expect creative geniuses like the folks at Naughty Dog to leave such a location with. What if (and that’s a huge, for the sake of speculation if) the folks from ND are currently in the midst of making a sci-fi game of some sort. It would definitely be uncharted (no pun intended) territory for the studio and would be an interesting direction for them, especially considering how frequently they set high standards with their projects.

SavageAnother thing not to be forgotten, is the rampant Savage Starlight comic found in Naughty Dog’s last game The Last Of Us. What at the time seemed like just an in-game comic may actually have been ND’s easter egg teasing everyone of their future release. The Savage Starlight domain is, after all, secured and the name sounds like a good one for a future-proof IP.

An even better question to be asked: With how good Naughty Dog’s action-adventure and survival-adventure games have been turning out, could you imagine how good a sci-fi adventure game would be? Definitely something to be considered if you ask me.  Hopefully someone from Naughty Dog stumbles upon this rambling and that eventually leads to some amazing sci-fi experience during the next-gen. That is, of course, considering they’re not already working on one to begin with. Hey, anything’s possible.


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