Naruto was first created by Mishashi Kishimoto in an one-shot (single issue) manga in 1997. Later, in 1999, the manga was picked up by Shueisha, and was first ran in Japan’s 43rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. After 700 chapters, roughly 16,800 pages, 700 pages, and 15 years, Naruto has finally concluded.

Naruto chronicles the story of a troublesome prankster ninja by the name of NarutoThe young ninja had high aspirations — the main one being the Hokage, the individual that is acknowledged as the strongest in the village of Konohagakure (Village Hidden in the Leaves) by their peers. The need to be Hokage stemmed from Naruto’s loneliness from being a social pariah, for being the vessel for the creature called the Nine-tailed Fox, that decimated the village years ago.

The manga is highly received in both Japan and North America — becoming one of the world’s best selling manga.

It’s going to be sorrowful to part ways with Naruto after the manga impacted so many lives, over the course of 15 years. Although the manga has ended, this is not goodbye, yet — for, a movie titled The Last: Naruto the Movie that is set to release in December in Japan, and a spin-off manga starring Naruto and his son, Bolt, will start next spring, to commemorate the manga’s 15th anniversary.

We still have some time left with our favorite blonde haired ninja.


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