Ha! And you thought you were done with Flappy Bird forever.

It’s been a rough month on the interwebz for Flappy Bird — from complaints about the game to the creator taking it out of the app store — but some people just can’t let that odd yellow bird fly free.

If you’re one of those weird people, then sooth your atrocious need with Minecraft. No, no, we’re not just riding pigs in hopes of forgetting about your one true love — I’m talking about playing Flappy Bird in Minecraft.

Thanks to the power of redstone, witchcraft, and an overactive imagination, YouTuber NickAznMC has the mini-game for you. While you’ll have to use a chicken in the place of the flappy little bird, the premise is pretty much the same.  Even better, the creator isn’t hoarding it; you can head to Planet Minecraft right now and hijack the reigns of destiny as you download your very own Flappy Bird mini-game.

Even if this little game won’t calm your strange addiction, you have to give credit where credit is due. After all, it’s a much better alternative than paying thousands of dollars on an Flappy Bird-installed iPhone. If you need something that bad, go outside and get your own damn bird. I’m certain it’s cheaper and at least 30x more annoying.

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