After a beloved demo and endless hype culminated in a devastating cancellation, the story might not be over for Silent Hills.

Rooster Teeth is reporting through an anonymous source that Microsoft is attempting to purchase the previously defunct game from Konami.

Rooster Teeth’s source is claiming that Silent Hills is “80 percent complete” and that Microsoft is trying as hard as they can to purchase the game before E3 for “billions” of dollars. After showing it off at E3 (which would be an enormous blow to Sony) the game would be released as an Xbox One exclusive in March 2016. It’s reported that Konami pulled the P.T. demo as a “show of good faith to Microsoft”, a huge revelation that puts the whole demo-pulling mess into perspective.

"Come to Microsoft."

“Come to Microsoft.”

Rooster Teeth also reports that Konami is looking to get out of the console gaming business and moving to mobile gaming, and as a result, is having a fire sale on most of their franchises. This is yet another report that Konami is a company in the process of switching gears.

While this news is still rumor at this point, Rooster Teeth notes they the source is well-trusted, and that they delivered the news to them back in July 2013 that Microsoft was getting ready to release an Xbox One without Kinect, something Microsoft said was never possible up to that point. A few months later, Microsoft released the 399 dollar Kinect-less Xbox One.

If anything is worth debating, it’s the reported price tag of “billions”. that kind of money seems excessive for a game series that, while well-respected, doesn’t really set record setting sales numbers. Disney purchased the entirety of the Star Wars Universe back in 2012 for 4.05 billion dollars. Microsoft themselves recently acquired Minecraft creator Mojango for 2.5 billion. Would they really put a comparable amount of money into a single game? Maybe Microsoft believes this purchase will turn the tide against Sony, who’s famous E3 2013 conference is something Microsoft has yet to fully┬árecover from. The purchase would certainly be worth it then.

Stay tuned to MaxLevel for more news on the ever dramatic story of Silent Hills.

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