Last week Microsoft held it’s Windows 10 event and Phil Spencer came with some news. The most interesting piece was the coming of cross platform play between the Xbox One and the PC. This will come with the release of Windows 10 which will be free for all of those who own a device with Windows 8.1 installed. In a way I saw this coming. Since the release of the Xbox One, some of its bigger exclusive games have made their way to the PC. With cross platform play coming Windows users may be able to go back and play games like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse with their friends that refuse to make their way to console.

If we look back, we saw Microsoft try this before with Shadowrun. I don’t think that many people even knew this was a possibility. The next step in this process will be how to make it fair when you have controllers going against a mouse and keyboard. Maybe full mouse and keyboard support will come to the Xbox One.

This is very exciting and if Microsoft can pull this off properly, it will be amazing in my opinion. This does come with some possible negative impact. What will happen to the Xbox One Exclusive games? Will they all be available on PC? Only time will tell. This is great news but there is a lot more to be seen. I can’t wait until E3.

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