Maxim Magazine has partnered with Epic Games to bring you 2 new multiplayer maps and game mode execution for the upcoming Gears of War Judgment.

The two new maps will be called Haven and Capitol and based on the two concept pictures below it looks as though the sniper on your teams will have a few advantage points to have fun with.


Formerly a tropical oasis, this ancient monastery in the Azura mountains is now a frozen wasteland, thanks to the tectonic shifts on Planet Sera. Featuring an asymmetrical circular layout, the map is a guaranteed blast – all paths lead back to the center, so no matter which route you take, you’re going to be embroiled in a fast-paced, hectic battle. “Nowhere is really safe,” insists Lead Level Designer Jim Brown. “It makes for especially hectic Domination games because the rings are easy to access and difficult to defend.”






The Gears community can now rejoice! This Maxim partnership brings back Execution mode which was one of the main sources of the communities outcry when it was said to have been removed from Judgment. Execution mode is the proverbial ‘hardcore’ mode of Gears of War, what this means is a player cannot be killed unless they are struck with a 1-shot kill weapon or if an execution is performed on them while in DBNO “Down But Not Out.”

What is DBNO? It is when you have been a punching bag to your opponents weapon and your life is in balance between life and death, the catch being if your opponent doesn’t perform an execution or hit you with a 1-shot kill weapon you get back up and you live to fight another day.

The new multiplayer map Haven as well as Execution Mode will be available as a free download on Xbox LIVE starting April 2nd.

Source: Maxim

What are everyone’s thoughts on this news?

Are you happy to see Execution back?

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