As if the “City of Sin” had not provided enough trouble as it is… For those of you who haven’t seen us shouting about it on social networks for the last few weeks, we’re delighted to tell you that we’ll be heading to our first International Consumer Electronics Show on the Max Level ticket! Barry, Brian, Chez, Will, and myself will be on hand with the assistance of Rafiq and the guys from 8bitdrum to bring you guys the fresh scoop on what’s new in tech for this upcoming year.




This year, Microsoft has said that they will not be attending the show for the first time. However, there have been rumors floating about stating that we may see an unveiling of their next generation console hardware at the show. While it sounds far fetched to me that Microsoft would have any information on their next big platform unveil at CES as opposed to E3, especially with them not being there, I’m not one to completely rule out the possibilities. Intel will be on hand at the show as well as having a press conference and as previous rumors have indicated, the new Xbox may to include an Intel quad-core processor. Once again, this is far fetched as Microsoft not being on hand to trigger the detonator on their own megaton is highly unlikely. But who’s to say they may not get creative and just pop up out of nowhere and surprise us?



Nevertheless, there will be plenty more exciting things at CES to see and Max Level will have our hands wrapped around most of these. We’ll be checking out tech and gaming related accessories from:

Here go several fun facts about CES for all of you! 

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