PC gaming has never really died but it is definitely on the rise in a major way. A lot of the larger LAN events happen on the coasts but there are a group of guys in St. Louis that want to change that. Laclede’s LAN was started back in 2004 and their last event was in 2008 (They have been on a long hiatus). They are looking to step their game up and get this LAN party started again. St. Louis is a growing hub for gaming. Just Google and you will find dozens of indie developers and studios like Riot that have offices here. Laclede’s LAN wants to put a spotlight on the St. Louis gaming scene. They have a Kickstarter and are looking to get 14,000 dollars for new equipment. For more information click here and check out the video below.

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Gym Rat, Chocolate Lover, Former Shoe Collector, GAMER A guy from St. Louis who loves games, art, and anime. Hundrednaire playboy by day and chocolate loving gamer by night.

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