Looks like fans who were interested in the upcoming The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D are gonna need a few extra dollars, as the recently announced special edition Majora’s Mask 3DS are all sold out.

In turn, the system has hit Ebay, with prices skyrocketing up to 469 dollars online. The price of the special edition was 200 USD. Yikes.

The system has been regarded as visually striking, but the bundle itself has faced criticism for it’s strange lack of an AC adapter and the game being included via the dreaded pre-loaded software.

Regular copies of the game are still available to pre-order from retailer sites, but the special edition bundle along with the Skull Kid special edition are commonly listed as sold out.

Hopefully Nintendo can make more pre-orders available as the game nears it’s February 13th release. Stay tuned to MaxLevel for any news regarding Majora’s Mask 3D!


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