The Screen Gems panel at San Diego Comic-Con had more than it’s share of surprises for fans today.

Making a surprise appearance at SDCC, ‘The Last Of Us’ writer/creator Neil Druckman and ‘Spider-Man’ Trilogy and ‘Evil Dead’ director Sam Raimi revealed that they would be writing and producing the big screen version of Naughty Dog’s acclaimed game. Writing the movies script will be none other than Neil Druckman himself, marking his feature film debut as a screenwriter. Sam Raimi will take up the role of the films producer.

Neil Druckman commented on meeting with Sam Raimi about ‘The Last Of Us’, saying that Raimi “really got it”. Raimi then said he felt that ‘if the film was going to be in the right hands, it would be Druckmans.” Raimi also said “What’s unique is that Neil’s writing the script. I have a great deal of confidence we’re going to end up with a script that’s true to the strengths of the game.”

However, adapting a 15-20 hour game into a film means that some changes will be made, and Druckman and Raimi went on to discuss them briefly. One of those was a possible different ending for the film.

Neil Druckman however, announced an actress they had in mind for one of  the starring roles: Maisie Williams.


arya bow and arrow

Williams as Arya Stark


Currently seen starring as Arya Stark on HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’, Druckman said he and Raimi met with her to discuss her playing the role of Ellie, which generated a positive reaction from the SDCC crowd. Maisie is the appropriate age to play Ellie, and brings more than enough depth to her role as Arya Stark to insure that she would be a great fit for Ellie.

While she hasn’t signed on to play Ellie just yet, Druckman told the Screen Gems panel attendees to ask Maisie Williams about her possible role in the film while she was at her ‘Game Of Thrones’ panel later on that evening.


A poster was also revealed for the film, announcing it’s arrival as a major motion picture:
the last of us film

No release date has been announced for the film yet, although  Raimi stated it isn’t slated to be released for a few more years.

Stayed tuned to Maxlevel for more news regarding the film adaptation of ‘The Last Of Us’, and all of San Diego Comic-Con’s biggest events and stories.


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