Big groups, wub wub makers, and all other bands might as well just give up for the year. The album of the year goes to Streetlight Manifesto’s end all be all of albums The Hands That Thieve.

The album has everything a Streetlight lover longs for, and everything a person who is a fan of music hopes to get.   To those first hearing Streetlight the album is full of infectious melodies, thought provoking lyrics, and frankly music like nothing else out there. There are people who will claim its just like every other ska band around, but they are the ones who just don’t get it in general, and that is sad.

For fans who have been there from the beginning, or even before the beginning. This album plays out more like an anthem, and a testament of loyalty, as underneath the not so hard to figure out lyrics is a big middle finger to their record label.

Like every other album they have released, every track is just as good as the last, and has a great album long rhythm. The opening is punch you in the face strong, the middle is there to get your mind flowing, and the end ties up each theme leaving you pondering, inspired, and just a tad bit more creative.


I would love to go off on a tangent and tell you exactly what this band means to me, and how their songs seemed to reflect my life. But that is all for another time my friend. As I have five more months to enjoy these guys, and then they call it quits.

Look! Even Gamers Like Them!

For those who claim I hate everything I humbly present to you the title track off of my choice for album of 2013, by the band I have loved for over a decade. It is truly something special.


Streetlight Manifesto – The Hands That Thieve


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