So I am a St. Louis native and I have been on a search for video game companies in the area. To my surprise, I found a good amount of developers that have a home here in my city; some have been here since before I was born. Through many conversations, I have discovered that this city is rich with nerd culture.

It seems to be a trend now to create game mods that can be played like full games. It started with titles like Portal and more recently, DayZ. Now, there is a game called StarCraft that I hear is pretty popular. I don’t know much about the game, but I know that it has some of the most amazing fans. Upheaval Arts is a small developer based out of St. Louis that has created a mod called StarCraft Universe. Buzz for this game spread like wildfire, and people were talking about it so much that it made its way to the people over at Blizzard — who then gave Upheaval their blessing to release the mod.

The team initially funded this project with their own money, but this could only last for so long; they soon had to turn to Kickstarter if they wanted to finish this game. The game was so well received by the community that they had no problem raising the 80 thousand dollars they needed to move forward. The game is currently in open alpha which can be found here. You will need a copy of StarCraft 2 in order to participate since this is not a standalone game.

As I said before, I am not much of a StarCraft player, but this new game style could open this universe to a lot of people. The creators describe this mod as a mix of StarCraft, Diablo, and WoW. If you have a PC, I strongly suggest you check this out. I am really looking forward to see how far this team will go.

Check out the trailer below:

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