Nickelodeon has finally graced us with a trailer for the last season of Legend of Korra, and let me just tell you that this season is going to be filled with enough action to put a Michael Bay film to shame. Behold the spectacular trailer:

A plethora of new information has been brought to the light — it appears that the main antagonist this season is the metalbending clan, who are lead by the fearsome Kuvira. Since the metalbending clan is now the enemy of the avatar, a couple of characters that were allies with Korra are now her opposition, such as Lin Beifong’s sister, Suyin. Speaking of the Beifongs, it seems like the head of the family and the creator of metalbending, Toph Beifong will be making an appearance this season.

Book 4 occurs three years after the conclusion of the previous book, therefore the appearances of most of the characters have changed substantially — especially the title character, Korra, now sporting a short haircut.

Be sure to tune into next week, on Oct 3rd, where the new season will be streaming exclusively.

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