Fans of The Legend of Korra received a brief, but terrifying scare, when they found out that Nickelodeon was pulling the remaining five episodes from the schedule. What could this mean? Was the show cancelled? Thankfully, it is not cancelled. Even though this season has been critically well received, it still faltered in the ratings, due to poor scheduling and the lack of advertising.

Soon after the announcement of Korra being pulled from the network’s schedule, the show’s co-creators, Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, came forward to reassure fans that the show is not canceled. During The Legend of Korra panel at San Diego Comic Con, the co-creators addressed the issue directly.  “Obviously we’re in the midst of this big change,” Konietzko said. Konietzko went on to say that Legend of Korra has a faithful online following, since the beginning of Book One. Which is completely different from what they experienced from their first series,  Avatar: The Last Airbender, since digital distribution was still on the upstart at the time of the series release. When the numbers for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra released, the digital viewership greatly eclipsed that of the broadcast’s, according to Konietzko. Lastly, Konietzko reiterated that the show was not cancelled and that the show will continue on, by premiering a new episode per week until the end of Book 3. DiMartino also mentioned that Sudio Mir is finishing up the animation for Book 4 at the very moment of the panel.

So there’s nothing to worry about, if you’re a fan of The Legend of Korra — it’s just going through some changes to accommodate its viewership preference. So be sure to check out for The Legend of Korra‘s latest episodes.

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