While it’s been mostly bad news for Sony as of late, some good has come out as well. Rumors are swirling that the Sony is swinging for the fences with it’s next entry in their flagship tablet line, which looks to be receiving a massively powerful piece of hardware.

The Android operated Xperia Tab Z4 Ultra is alleged to feature specifications never to be seen on a tablet before, making it one of the most powerful if not the most powerful tablet ever. The leaked specs, which were posted by Chinese site PadNews, are almost too good to believe. According to the leak, the tablet is set to feature a nearly 13-inch TRILUMINOS display, containing a 3840X2400 resolution, beating out every tablet display on the market and most laptops as well. Qualcomm is supplying the 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at an insane 2.86 GHz. All this will come with an absolutely huge 6 GB of RAM. To put it in perspective, this makes it on par and more powerful than most of the average laptops available, and destroys Samsung’s flagship Tab S in nearly every comparable category.

The specs according to Pad News

The specs according to Pad News

The monster yet slim tablet is also rumored to feature a standard storage space of 64GB, PS4 Remote Play, and a massive 12,100 battery, outdoing every other tablet battery on the market. It seems Sony is intent on taking it’s biggest stab at Apple and Samsung’s stranglehold on the tablet market yet. Let’s hope the insane specs can translate to a good user experience as well.

While the validity of this leak up in the air, it is worth noting Sony already has an Xperia event at 2015’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  planned, so it’s possible we may see it there. Until then, stay tuned to Maxlevel for any news or leaks regarding Sony’s future mega-tablet.

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