Welcome back to League Break! We’ve discussed knowing how to play your role in our last edition, and today we’ll be covering another important aspect: maps and lingo.

A lot of people I see on League of Legends don’t know how to fully utilize the map or even notice it at times within the game. The Map is your best friend and will determine a win or a lose on the field of justice. Here I’ll be teaching you the basics of the Map and some terms that will help you be a better League player.



You see this map? It’s going to be your best friend on League of Legends from the start of the game to the end of the game. Now you ask why? The map holds a lot of power within the game. Vision is power — power is winning. With vision, you control the flow of the game by knowing where your opponent is and to either counter jungle, push a lane, take objectives — like Dragon and Baron. People neglect the map sometimes, but honestly it’s one of the most important things on the field of justice that you will ever use.


PINGSPings are another essential feature to the Fields of Justice. They were introduced from the start of the game, but later developed as the system you see below. Though it needs more improvements, the Ping system will help you drastically win your game on League of Legends because pings signify knowing and letting your team know what you think is important. You work as one synergized unit to accomplish one goal — winning.



In League, there is a unique lingo that will help you better understand what your teammates and opponents are saying. For small words, there’s a lot of meaning behind them that can help you be a better League of Legends player! Read through them they’ll be sure to win you a game or two.

FF: FF is another way of saying surrender at 15 Minutes (Twisted Treeline), and 20 Minutes for Summoners Rift and all other modes. Why can’t they just say surrender is beyond me — maybe it’s just quicker?

WP: WP means Well Played. Saying this will show you have respect for your team and the enemy team. Sportsman-like words of this nature are good to hear in the game.

GG: GG means Good Game. As with WP, this is another great way to show your team and the enemy team respect and courtesy.

MIA: M.I.A means Missing in Action. You say this when your lane — whether that may be Top Mid or Bot — is gone out of your vision’s reach. If you don’t call this, people will be very annoyed when your lane opponents magically appear in their lane to ruin their game.

Rotate Switching: Rotate/Rotating/Switching means to rotate/switch with either your top mid or bot if they feel they cannot win their match to their best ability. Sometimes you get so countered within the lane that situation calls for such this. Generally only the professional players do this tactic more then regular casual players, seeing as it doesn’t always pay off for regular players.

Poking: Poking means doing everything you can to do damage to your opponent without fully engaging them in a fight. This is good to do if you aren’t the best with a certain character on League of Legends. For example, if you are a Melee facing a Ranged character; obviously the Ranged character will out range the Melee hence “Poking”. In some chances, a Melee can Poke a Ranged character depending on how far ahead they are into the game.


TeamComp: Team Comp is short for Team Composition. What does it mean? Pretty much you make a team and build a certain way to synergize with your team and to counteract the enemy team.

Objectives: Objectives is a fancy way of saying ‘getting shit done’. For example, an objective could be getting Dragon and Baron, taking Buffs, and taking down enemy towers.

Pushing: Pushing means you either shove a lane with waves of creeps so that you can either go back to base to buy, or join a team fight and get objectives. You can’t really do that with waves of minions pushing your side of the lane and taking your towers.

Sieg: Sieging is a fancy way of saying taking your enemies tower.


For now, I hope these tips will guide you to a better playing experience on League of Legends. Stayed tuned in with Max Level for League Break: Tip 3 — coming your way soon!


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