Lazarus #1
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark
Published by Image Comics

“You can’t spell families without lies.”


Pros: I love superheroes as much as the next guy and escapism is fun, but sometimes the masks and capes don’t cut it. Lazarus is that book; it’s grounded in a plausible science. It has mystery, intrigue, and it’s not boring or too complicated to understand.

The stakes are extremely high in the dystopian future of Lazarus. The government is moot and limited resources are king — so are the families who hold possession of these resources. Everyone else is exploited. Everyone else is… Waste.
The story of Lazarus opens with Forever Carlyle being shot three times and laying in a pool of her own blood, she then gets up and goes after the men that attacked her and kills them. Yup, this book does not fuck around.
The combination of Rucka’s writing with Michael Lark’s art really helps build a narrative that wouldn’t exist without the other. They flow beautifully together and Michael’s emphasis on the blues and blacks really helps set the tone on the narrative.
Lazarus is as compelling as it is disturbing. It feels very grownup with the story it’s trying to tell. The artwork is visually appealing to look at but aggressive and violent at the same time. Real life violence isn’t pretty and I feel like Lazarus is trying to do just that.
It’s also engaging enough with its mystery and intrigue. We know that Forever is driven by the duty to protect her family and their assets at any cost and we know that she is, physically stronger from the science bestowed upon her, but we also know that internally there is something wrong and she knows that. You get the feeling that maybe her family isn’t telling her everything.


Cons: The only thing that bothered me about this issue is that it didn’t make any damn sense. I had to go back and read it a second time to really understand what was going on. Obviously this is crucial for new readers and they have to build up the first arc somewhere but maybe that’s just me?


The Verdict: It’s rare when a new comic series can surprise you and Lazarus does just that, from its opening to its ending it left me with questions and that’s a good variable, often time’s things can seem way too predictable before you even finish the first few pages. Lazarus kept me interested the entire time, and definitely made me want to know just what the hell was going with Carlyle.


If you enjoy The Walking Dead or shows like Jericho or Dollhouse or even anything Classic Sci-Fi, then I definitely recommend picking this up.

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