I’m almost certain that the one true recipe to making anything cute involves cats. Lots and lots of cats.

Thanks to DeviantArtist suzuran, we can all rest easy knowing that all the heroes and villains in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom make adorable house pets — I only hope Deadpool is potty trained. Take a look at her rendition, Ultimate Meowvel vs. Catcom:

Ultimate Meowvel vs. Catcom

It’s good to see that Thor hasn’t given up Mjölnir for a ball of yarn, but I can’t guarantee that Wolverine will play nice with his new set of kitty claws. Please keep him away from the nice furniture. Suzuran also went a step further and blessed the world with a Meowvel animated short.

Of course, this isn’t suzuran’s first foray into the adorable. In fact, she’s got an entire album of video game kitten parodies. From Kingdom Hearts to Final Fantasy, no game is safe from the claws of artistic freedom. Check out two more pieces of her furry take on the industry’s most beloved titles:

Feline Fantasy Hissidia Kingdom Kitties

Cloud. As a kitten. Be still my heart! It’s also incredibly refreshing to see Sora with normal sized feet. I mean really, that guy’s got some serious proportion issues. Organization XIII is looking slightly less ominous — all I really want to do is scoop them up and cuddle them to death.

And, as a bonus, we now know that Attack on Titan is a heck of a lot less disturbing when cats are involved. Beware the Colossal Kitten!

Attack on KittenBe sure to check out her full DeviantArt gallery here, and make sure you drop her a line or two. Catnip is also acceptable.

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