Were you hoping to get more information on Kingdom Hearts III and/or Final Fantasy XV during E3? Well, that’s now not going to happen–Square Enix executive, Shinji Hashimoto, has come forward and revealed that there are no plans on releasing new information on the games, in an interview with Famitsu. I don’t know about you, but this feels exceedingly cruel after sneaking in a teaser for the highly awaited Action JRPG, Kingdom Hearts III, in the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX — which left me wanting more.

With the absence of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix’s E3 lineup, what will take their place? How far along are the games if Square is not willing to show it at E3? Hashimoto puts our minds at ease by stating:

First, I just want to say that Final Fantasy XV’s development is progressing favorably. In the company, we’re always trying to figure out the optimal timing to release new information to the fans. We decided that this year’s E3 is not the most suitable time to release such information, instead, we are preparing for an event after E3 to make new announcements.

Well, I cannot wait for this “event” to happen.

Final Fantasy XV was first announced in 2006 underneath a very different name, Final Fantasy Versus XIII– at this point, the year 2014, I’m sure people  just want the game to be released. Kingdom Hearts III has been anticipated since the release of Kingdom Hearts II, back in 2005. Eight and nine years are a long time to wait for a game, but sadly, we still have some more waiting ahead of us– at least now we know they’re coming and are still on the right track.


HT: Famitsu

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