Yes! You’ve read it right. The long awaited clan system for Killzone Shadowfall is finally coming. Today on the Killzone blog Victor Zuylen from Guerrilla Games revealed that there will indeed be an clan system in the upcoming patch.


“We truly appreciate the passion you’ve demonstrated in helping Killzone Shadow Fall become the best it can be, and we apologize for the time it’s taking to implement our full vision for the clan system. To make the wait more bearable, we’ve decided to roll out clan features in multiple phases.”


The first phase is patch 1.09 and is set to release for early February. This phase introduces clan system features to both the game and the website. The patch will add support for displaying clan tags alongside player names in the game, while the website will receive basic clan management functionality – including the ability to create clans, add/remove members, and promote members to clan officers.

I truly cannot wait to get back on with my friends to show off are cool new clan tags. We all took breaks from Killzone because constantly winning pubs became boring. With this new patch coming, the multiplayer has caught my interest again.


Via Killzone Blog

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