I know that we are technically using the term current gen now but I’m sure that would have caused some confusion in this case. The Xbox One and the PS4 have been out close to a year now and there have been a good amount of updates that have come to both consoles. Some features have been here since release and others have been added over time. Either way, these current gen consoles have made my gaming experience better.

1. Streaming – The PS4 launched with this functionality and the Xbox One added it down the road but we have to admit the the option for this is great.

2. Game DVR – The addition of game DVR has made the lives of game journalist and Youtube enthusiasts a whole lot easier. With a simple click of a button or quick “Xbox Record That”, you have game footage and your finger tips. This feature is only enhanced with the editing tools included on the consoles.

3. Cameras – In the beginning, so many people were worrying about privacy issues. For those who don’t care, the Playstation Camera and the Kinect are great tools. They can be used for streaming and creating videos to share with friends or upload to the internet.

4. Voice Controls – A lot of people hated on this feature going into this console cycle but I don’t know what I would do without it now. I can use so many features on the Xbox without ever touching a controller. This may not be advertised much but the PS4 does have voice commands as well. I’m sorry to see the lack of enthusiasm behind Kinect these days.

5. DLNA Support – Now this feature was recently announced to be coming to the Xbox One and I am sure more support will be added to the PS4 soon after. Even though the focus of both consoles are more about the games, people always want the option to view their personal media on their games consoles. This was a huge feature on the last gen consoles and I expected it to be on the current gen at launch. I guess it is better late than never.

Both these boxes have so much potential and both companies are listening to what the gamers have to say. These consoles with only become more feature rich with time. What are some of your favorite features or maybe some features you think should be added? Let us know……actually, let Sony and Microsoft know. They might pop up in an upcoming update.

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