Klei entertainment is responsible for some of the most fun and innovative indie games in recent years. From Shank, to Mark of the Ninja, to Don’t Starve, Klei entertainment has stuck a flag in the gaming world, and they mean to stake their claim. Their newest game, Invisible Inc., is sizing up to be a worthy addition to their glistening catalog.

Invisible Inc. in the simplest terms is a turn based stealth game—think Xcom meets Metal Gear. Okay, maybe not Metal Gear exactly, but you get the idea. The object is to progress through different levels with out getting caught, acquiring upgrades and items along the way. The game has an almost retro feel to it despite the gadgetry and tech that is available on missions. The ominous but compelling soundtrack is a welcome ambiance when taking long turns to analyze all of your options, and it changes when you enter the hacking mode.

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Currently the game is in early access on Steam, and it only features two characters to start with—both of which add to the retro feeling I mentioned earlier. The man, Deckard, has a classical gumshoe type of sleuth appeal. The woman, Internationale, has a very espionage meets new frontier look. Both characters have different strengths that come into play depending on your style of play. Because the worlds are generated procedurally, there are an infinite number of levels, and that says replay value to me. I bought the game for fifteen bucks, and I’m already having fun with it in its unfinished form. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to add over time to make this game even more fun and unique. Check out Invisible Inc. on Steam, here.

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