Last year, Klei Entertainment teased us with the beginnings of their newest title, Invisible Inc., and anyone who paid for early access got a good impression of what the game was going to be. With the official release of the game just days away, I thought it would be a good time to remind people of this enticing indie, and talk a bit about what’s changed in the months passed. Take a look at the new trailer.

Whether you are looking forward to the flesh out concepts you’ve seen in early access, or you’ve never even heard of the game before, Invisible Inc. is sure to deliver a satisfying gaming experience that will leave you wanting more. There are ten unlockable agents with six variants, build customization, randomly generated worlds, five different game modes, and fully animated cutscenes.

Altogether, Invisible Inc. is shaping up to be another great addition to Klei Entertainment’s growing family, and a great addition to any gamer’s Library. Invisible Inc. will be available for PC May 12, 2015, and eventually for Playstation 4.



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