If you read this title and automatically wrote this off as flame bait, I completely understand. For the heading of this blurb is some of the most troll heavy shit I’ve heard in a long while. Perhaps this is a sign of where gaming is heading… or rather… heading back to.

A friend (whom I’ll spare this time and not mention) and I just had a rather pointless discussion about console exclusivity. The reason why this is pointless is because my friend is a fanboy and anyone who’s dealt with one of these knows there is no getting through to them. He believes the next Xbox is doomed due to lack of exclusives going into the next generation. This makes absolutely no sense of course, but he then brought upPlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and began a rant on the importance of exclusive titles and household characters. He even brought up Nintendo and threw Super Smash Brothers into the discussion.

He believes that despite the Xbox 360′s healthy sales, that it’s still not a credible platform due to lack of exclusives. That’s when he asked the question that I hurt my neck shaking my head at. “How Many Characters Would Xbox All Stars Battle Royale Have?” 

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