In a world where the alleged “Dr.” Dre can sell musical contraptions for exorbitant amounts of money and call them headphones, it’s hard to tell whether or not you’re actually getting something that can be considered high quality — let alone affordable.

For gamers, we face an even tougher dilemma; we need something that will work for our chosen media, be portable, with high sound quality and a soft spot for the wallet. Does such a thing exist? Well today, Turtle Beach has a small answer for you: kind of.

Turtle Beach has always been the dominant force in consumer friendly gaming headsets, and it’s no secret why. With a mix of high-quality sound, superb design, and a range of prices for all socio-economic backgrounds, they’ve provided gamers with the ultimate aid to the gaming experience. From Xbox 360 to PS4, Turtle Beach provides. Heck, they’ve even got mobile sets!

And guess what? Today, their mobile set is on sale for $10.40. TURTLE BEACH GIVETH!


Originally straddled with a retail price of almost $60, the Turtle Beach Ear Force M1 Mobile Earbuds weren’t the most affordable option for the gamer on-the-go. Why indulge in a name brand pair of earbuds when your iPhone or Android device already came with a pair? Surely bombarding your friends with Candy Crush invites didn’t call for an all-around mobile experience.

Boy, were you wrong.

Yesterday, the M1’s went on sale for a discounted price of $10.40, and it’s currently unknown as to how long the sale will last. If I were you, I’d be quick to buy a pair. Or two. Or three. For this price, you can deck out the whole family in top-quality gamer gear. Don’t have a family? Buy 10 pairs for yourself. Give them out to your creepy coworkers next holiday.

The Ear Force M1’s are a pretty impressive set of buds. Equipped with 10mm drivers, braided cabling, and an in-line mic, there’s no reason any core mobile gamer should be without them. The best part? They’re compatible with most mobile devices an tablets, including iPhone and Android devices, as well as the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

But enough with the chitchat. If you’re interested in this limited-time sale, head on over and grab a pair for yourself. Game on!

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