This past week Destiny, the biggest game of 2014 was released. In normal nerd tradition, I prepare my self to get in line a couple hours early with my fellow gamers. Normally at this time there are giveaways, tournaments, and competitions going on at many local retailers. My first stop was Best Buy which is where I had my game reserved. To my surprise there was not a single soul in sight. My second stop was the GameStop across the way. This place always pulls out all the stops. I get there and all I see is a quiet mediocre line. WHAT’S GOING ON PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!?

There is something going on with this current generation of consoles that is killing the midnight release. Maybe its the fact that digital downloads have become more popular. Going digital makes life so much easier. It eliminates the need to stand in a long line and face the elements. As soon as the the clock strikes 12, you are able to get right down to gaming. I don’t believe any of these things are bad. They are great for the console gaming industry. I just miss the good ole days.

What do you all think. How much longer do we have before the midnight release is only a memory?

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