Lost your character due to cloud server issues? Having a hard time ranking up to the maximum level? Trying to make some money to buy cars and apartments, and do not want to spend real money for GTA Online Money? Here is one boosting technique that will allow you to rank up quickly and earn money quickly. This guide DOES WORK with the latest 1.02 update that removed “Replay” option. To repeat the mission, simply LIKE the mission and keep tapping R2 or RT to restart mission. Only downside is that you may run out of ammo and need to visit the Ammu-nation shop.

GTA V Online Boosting Guide [Video]



  • Required Level: 15 (Only needed for one person in group)
  • Contact: Gerald (Call him for mission, delete any that is not “Violent Duct” and recall in about 2 minutes)
  • Mission: Violent Duct
  • Preferred Weapon: Shotgun (Easier with assisted aiming)
  • Difficulty: EASY or HARD (EASY if you are trying to get money, HARD for RP bonus. NORMAL does not matter and give same rewards as EASY)
  • Time: 2 minutes or less depends on skill level

So basically if playing with one other person. have one approach left and one approach right and start blasting with shotguns. Then sweep around and kill Coke dealer. Use motorcycle to escape to the right and return to Gerald while other person takes out van.


Feel free to comment and ask any questions. Thanks.

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