Although it’s been out for over a year, Grand Theft Auto V is still as popular as ever. From a daring and ridiculous storyline to the popular and beloved online aspect, GTA V raked in tons of coveted awards, including a few Game of the Year titles.

So when it was announced earlier this year that gamers would finally see the title launching for current-gen systems, gamers everywhere lost their minds. Now, Rockstar has confirmed that we’ll finally be seeing the title released — and much sooner than we think.

Come November 18th, gamers rocking the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will finally get to revisit Los Santos in all its next-gen glory. While this is awesome news for console gamers, PC players will have to wait a bit longer to finally get a taste of the crazy. The PC port of GTA V is coming, though — and we can expect it out January 27th, 2015.

Better yet, Rockstar has confirmed that the next-gen edition of the game will benefit from a large number of technical improvements, including increased draw distances and enhanced details.

We’ll also be seeing a handful of new editions, including new weapons, activities, and vehicles, new wildlife, a new foliage system, and more dynamic weather effects.  The radio will also boast over 100 new songs.


Of course, the best news comes in the pre-order bonus; if you choose to pre-order now, you’ll be gifted $1 million in-game currency to spend however you see fit — and you can spend it across both the campaign and online modes. It’s also nice to note that all your current progress on last-gen systems will transfer over to your new game. So all those fancy cars you bought? Don’t worry, you’ll still have access to them — just watch out for sticky bombs.

Other improvements include the allowance of more players on a server, now bolstered to 30.

Grand Theft Auto V will launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Novemeber 18th, so hunker down and get ready to revisit Los Santos like you’ve never seen before.


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