The Games with Gold program has been going on for a while now for the Xbox 360. It started off a little rocky, but it seems like when Phil Spencer took over, things have started getting better. At the beginning of the summer we saw games like Dark Souls, and in the second half of August, we are going to get Dishonored. At the start of the summer, we also saw the Games with Gold program come over to the Xbox One. This announcement excited a lot of gamers. Personally, I though this was great going into the summer game drought.

The Xbox One version of the Games with Gold program was where I wanted to see what Microsoft had up their sleeve. The console has not been out for a year yet and there are not a ton of games yet. I started to see a lot of indies make their way to the Xbox One so I expected these would be the games given for free. The first month was not great. We received Max: Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault. Max is a great game but Halo: Spartan Assault is not something that many people really wanted to play.

One thing that Games with Gold (and PS+) is doing is exposing gamers to games that they may have not played in other situation. The game for July was Guacamelee and I had always heard good things about it but never planned on playing it. This was a game that I latched on to and I am will be on the look out for any games that the creators release in the future. Many people like to get upset at what games are released because it’s not what they wanted or they already played the game. I don’t think we can get mad over free games but it is also not a reason to include sub par games in the program.

Overall, the Games with Gold Program is making Xbox Live Gold a better value for both consoles. I can see the quality of games getting better over time. The games offered are not always going to appeal to everyone but they are free. If I had to give the program a grade, it would be a B-. This is definitely a lot better than it would have been at the beginning of the year. I am sure that their are tons of great games coming down the pipeline and like I stated before, it is getting better with time. I’m sure that every person will rate the program differently. How are you all feeling about the program?

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