Wow, the 80’s really had some high hopes for the future of video games in the 90’s onward. If only they could have foreseen the comeback of flannel in the 21st century.

Usborne Guide to Computers and Video Games was a book published in 1982 that, with the use of then-current trends in science and technology, attempted to give readers a picture of what the future would be like.  And gosh darn it, they’ve almost nailed it. Take a look at an excerpt from the book:

They either had a time machine they weren’t telling the world about, or the world’s most well-adjusted psychic. Either way, the predictions seen on this page are as close to accurate as predictions can get. I mean, they’ve nailed just about every aspect of today’s gaming to some degree — multiplayer, HD, handhelds… man, they’ve even got virtual reality! I only wish they could have predicted Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus — it definitely could have saved us some heartache. The only thing I really can’t get on board with is the multiplayer setup. Honestly, it’s terrifying. That, and the ultimate game involving space. Come on, 80’s. You’re better than that.

Best of all, this wasn’t the only guide to the future. Usborne has some other pretty nifty books out, one of which heavily details to 2020 Moon Olympics — complete with the 14 meter Lunar High Jump! We’ve got 6 years, America. Make it happen.

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