If your like me you probably didn’t play any part of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. Good thing Square Enix was awesome enough to give us a retro-spective of the series before the last entry of the Final Fantasy XIII saga(Lightning Returns), and to make it better they did it all in a 8 bit format.

After watching trailer i still don’t get whats going on. 500 years or so into the future and everyone is still alive, and Lightning is now the savior of the world. Well non the less the trailer was still really good and it at least gave me a better understanding. I really do feel like Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Return is going to be a great game. I really feel like it would be a even better game if they made a version of the Final Fantasy XIII series all in this 8bit format for the Vita. *Sigh* A gamer can dream right.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 7.33.31 PM

8 bit scene where your heros fight the final boss

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns will release on Feburary 11 2014 for ps3 and xbox 360.

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