While Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is still lighting up the sales charts, some loyal COD fans are little for something else.

A change.org petition has been started to remaster the massive hit Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. COD fan Ramez Zahra took to the internet to ask Activision for the remake, believing that “I speak for everyone when I say that Modern Warfare 2 was one of Activision’s best [sic] game”. Zahra believes the experience has been comprised due to the game being overrun by hackers.


The petition needs 150,000 signatures to hit Zahra’s goal. It is currently sitting at over 121,000, and has skyrocketed over 30,000 in the past 18 hours. Zahra will definitely hit his goal, but it remains to be seen how Activision will respond to the petition, as they have yet to comment on the situation.


Modern Warfare 2 was released in November 2009 to excellent reviews, and monstrous sales, going on to sell over 24 million lifetime copies. But with nearly (Advanced Warfare will get there soon) every Call Of Duty game going on to sell well over 20 million copies, the online fan base for Modern Warfare 2 has dwindled quite a bit, leaving just the hackers and the hardcore. A remaster of one of the most popular games of the last console generation would be a great opportunity to juice up Modern Warfare 2’s once massive fan base again.

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