Errrrrrrrrrrr Stop the presses….. We aren’t in April so there is NO need to be joking. Are there really talks of a possible Fallout TV Series? Sign me up! Contrary to what the man in the video is claiming, I am the biggest fallout fan there has ever been or ever will be.

According to Machinima, Bethesda has signed a trademark for a post apocalyptic television show. Now… Color me pink and throw pancakes at my face but there is only one thing in the Bethesda world that fits that description to 100% accuracy and that is Fallout.

Now being the fallout fan that I am, I am both happy and sad at the same time. One: Book of Eli. If a TV shows gets put together as poorly as that movie, the TV show will stink… terribly.

The other negative part is, there is just so much content in the fallout games, especially since you can change your character and make it into your own based on how you interact and decisions you make. There is no way a TV show can provide that.
With that being said, I would assume the show would just be based in a land riddled with post apocalyptic mayhem and we would be introduced to some very bizarre characters.

Either way, a TV show hasn’t been attempted like this since Jericho and the only reason that show failed was because it was way before its time. People weren’t ready for a show like Jericho.

Are the masses ready now? Oh Hell yes! Bring it on. I will gladly sit down and watch that show; tweeting my every thought and reaction.

This is the Trademark that was filed

Who else would be interested in a show like this?
What are your thoughts pros and cons on what they might do right and wrong?
Remember folks, War… War never changes.

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