After the upsetting delay that the Evolve BigAlpha had on the PS4 since October 31st, Turtle Rock Studios recently announced via the Evolve twitter that the Evolve BigAlpha is now playable and will be extending the BigAlpha for all platforms to Nov. 4th, 12PM PT (8PM UTC). Finally players on the PlayStation 4 will be able to experience 4v1 competitive multiplayer that is Evolve.


The Evolve BigAlpha was set to release on October 31st for the PS4 and PC, and was already playable on the Xbox One on October 30th. Unfortunately the BigAlpha was met with a lot of issues on the PS4 due to its recent update 2.00. Turtle Rock Studios announced on Evolve site soon after that the Evolve Alpha will be postponed on the PS4 till further notice to fix the issues.

I’m very happy to see that the Evolve team was able to fix the problems with the PS4 Evolve BigAlpha in a timely manner, and gave it an extension so that players could really experience the game. It’s a shame that PS4 players won’t get as much play time as the other consoles, but at least the Alpha wasn’t canceled completely.

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