The grandaddy event of them all in fighting games turned out to be the most viewed happening of it’s history. EVO 2013 brought in a crushing 1.7 million on-lookers through their multiple streams over the weekend. That’s  not including the huge crowd (which I was quietly among) that was in attendance at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.


This is a significant feat for sure because EVO is a community made event. There aren’t any huge fantastic sponsors like Dr. Pepper or Nike throwing out cash for this event. In fact, most of the fighting game community despises the idea of a “sell-out” gathering. What we got was great games and great competition, exactly what a game event should be. The event peaked out during Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3‘s grand finals (and rightfully so, too hype), netting 144,800+ simultaneous viewers. This is definitely a big win for the FGC and hopefully next year, the event is even more spectacular!



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