Will Epic Games be in New York for the PlayStation 4 special event next week? From the looks of things, they’re going to be there revealing a new game if the stars align the way we hope they will. Last week, Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein tweeted quite the interesting picture.


So the president of Epic Games expressing excitement for the PS4. This is probably nothing, considering that Epic is a multi-platform developer. But then this tweet happened all of in an hour ago. PlayStation Publisher Adam Boyes expressed his excitement to see Yoshida in New York next week, only to get side-swiped by this comment from Mark Rein:



Again, this is probably nothing, but it clearly looks to me like Mark Rein may be dryly hinting at something. You know, like a PlayStation 4 version of Gears Of War. Not that I’m that amped to see the series continued, but I must say if that this announcement is to happen, it will produce a megaton explosion that fractures the internet. Here’s to hoping it happens for the sake of the aftermath!

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