Now some of you might know this already, but EA hasn’t always been the greatest of all companies in the gaming world. Sure, they brought you titles like Battlefield, Need For Speed, and Sims, but what made them the worst company in America two times in a year? Simply put, they were treating people like human piggy banks and putting out half-assed games. This year, they were nominated yet again for worst company in America — but EA has been knocked out of this years Consumerist Worst Company in America by Time Warner Cable.

Now it was really close against EA & TWC, but with Battlefield 4 and Titanfall being out for this years next generation consoles — and Sims getting offline playability —  gamer’s let EA SLIDE! Ooh EA, why are you so lucky? At any rate, this is good news! But don’t let it get to your head EA — one slip up and next year you’ll be winning the Worst Company in America 2015. Below are the 2012, 2013, and 2014’s brackets if you wanted them in one cool bundled view. If you wanna track more of the Worst Company’s in America click the links below.


Via: Worst Company’s in America

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