Below are some of the games that were actually playable at E3 2017. These games are in no particular order. I’m sure that many will disagree but there were too many games there to make a list that would please everyone.

Mario Odyssey

First we have Mario Odyssey. There was no surprise when the Nintendo booth packed out. Before we saw gameplay at this year’s Nintendo Direct, many were a little hesitant. What has been shown this year has cleared all doubt. In fact, there was a fist fight between people in line to play this game. The hype is real.

Crackdown 3

After a mediocre showing on the Microsoft stage at E3, many questioned whether or not Crackdown would be any good. A behind closed doors session and some hands on time has changed my mind about this game. For anyone who enjoyed the original Crackdown, this will be a treat. The game looks good, plays well, and has a lot of added features to keep gameplay fast and fun. It will be a must buy for Xbox/Windows 10 owners.

Call of Duty WWII

Many have dreamed of the day that Call of Duty would go back in time. Things may have gotten a little carried away with the future warfare. With Call of Duty WWII, the gameplay has slowed down and the guns feel/sound great. November can’t come soon enough.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The hype surrounding Dragon Ball FighterZ was crazy. The crowds around the Bandai booth were insane. Many say that this is the DBZ game that they have been waiting for. The art style is great and it plays like a Blaze Blue in the DBZ universe. I can see this entering the competitive scene really soon.

Detroit: Becoming Human

If you were a fan of games like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, you will love this game. It has an all star cast and from the playable demo, it controls well. Don’t go into this game expecting something different than was delivered in previous games from this studio. This is a game that delivers on story telling and guiding the player through a cinematic experience.

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