It’s been a long time coming, but during Nintendo’s um, less than stellar E3 event, The Big N did at least announce something fans have been clamoring for: a new Star Fox title. Check out the trailer below!

Nintendo announced the long-awaited new entry in the Star Fox series at the beginning of their E3 2015 event. Titled Star Fox: Zero, the latest Fox McCloud space adventure is the first fully new game in the franchise since 2006’s Star Fox: Command for the Nintendo DS. The last home console games in the series were 2005’s middling Star Fox: Assault, and 2002’s Dinosaur Planet Star Fox Adventures.

star fox zero screen shot

The footage presents classic Star Fox style gameplay and environments, with a a glance at gyroscope controls using the Wii U gamepad. Game designer and Nintendo father Shigeru Miyamoto announced that the game would use the Wii U controller for steering and motion controls would be used to aim at oncoming enemies.

Star Fox: Zero is being developed in a partnership with Platinum Games, who have developed the Bayonetta series, and The Wonderful 101. The game is set for a release this upcoming holiday season.

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