E3 2015 continues to impress. Electronic Arts and Dice’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront showed off quite impressive new footage today, peaking with appearances from Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

The footage (shown below) takes place on the Hoth, the iconic setting from the opening of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Not unlike the opening of the revered sequel, a large scale battle is taking place in the gameplay video.

The gameplay trailer showed off Imperial Soldiers going at it with the Rebels, with rockets and rife fire flying everywhere. AT-AT’s are shown towering over the battle, which are able to be controlled. A bubble shield ability is shown to be used by the Rebel team, as well as Imperial airstrike attacks.

The trailer then comes to it’s climax with Darth Vader creepily taking his instantly recognizable breaths while standing over a player. Right after that, Luke Skywalker in full Jedi garb is shown, who then lunges at Vader, and the two begin a battle.

The trailer seemed to contain all the qualities and pure insanity that made the previous Battlefront entires so exciting. Color us impressed!

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