“Welcome to Hell.”

Bethesda got E3 off to a rousing start with multiple gameplay videos and unveilings of heavily anticipated games. One of the best of their impressive showing was the reappearance of a classic series: Doom.

Id Software executive producer Marty Stratton lifted the curtains off of the long-awaited new entry in the gory series, with the 8 minute gameplay video showing off some striking footage. Once the protagonist puts on his helmet, you are thrust into the action and the core point of the game becomes apparent: “Kill very fast.”

This is exciting news for Doom fans. The demo feature very explicit melee attacks, showed off various ways to use different weapons, scary demon designs, and limbs flying as far as the eye could see, all in a fast-paced Doom like fashion. And when we say explicit, we mean it. The chainsaw action here makes the chainsaw kills in Gears Of War seem downright cute. 

Also showcased was a level depicting yes, the depths of hell. It’s a cross between cheesy and errie in only a way Doom could be. Shown is the player leaping down cliffs, demons chainsawed in half, fast-paced fragging, then a RPG heavy showdown with a large and brute demon. The single-player demo then ends with a towering demon pointing a BFG in the players direction.

doom e3


Also shown was a peek at multiplayer. Players fragging each other with rocket launchers, machine guns, and the works was shown. It’s very much inline with the single-player fast paced action fans know and love, brought over to a multiplayer setting.

Mixing things up a bit is a new creation tool called “Snapmap”. Snapmap allows players to build and share their very own multiplayer creations. Maps and gameplay modes can be made using tools that id says is easy to use for any gamer. A few player-created modes were shown off, with id Software adding that players are able to share their created content instantly with friends and members of the Doom community.

All in all, Doom’s showing was very impressive and true to spirit of pre-Doom 3 releases. There were no PDA’s and flashlights to be found here.

Doom will be released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2016.

Video HT: Eurogamer

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