Today, Nintendo held a digital event to announce several games, but only one stole every one’s heart, and that game was Yoshi’s Woolly World.  

This game looks like a combination of Yoshi’s Island and Kirby’s Epic Yarn; game play is like Yoshi’s Island, while the game’s graphics are reminiscent of Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

The art direction the game takes is nothing but endearing and simplistic, it appears to be the most aesthetically pleasing game to release on the Wii U.Every thing in the game is made out of Wool, yes, even Yoshi and his eggs are. The world unravels and ravels depending on how you interact with it. Yoshi’s enemies even unravels when the dinosaur devours them and transmutes them into woolly eggs. The whole game seems like a hand-craft project.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

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