Forget the war game you’ve come to know, folks — the new Battlefield is stepping out of the America vs. Evil Nation comfort zone to bring gamers a completely new FPS experience.

Battlefield: Hardline puts players in the fight between cops and criminals. It’s a classic good guy vs bad guy scenario — with a twist. With new weapons and brand new ways to play, Hardline takes the core values of the franchise and adds a fresh campaign and a multiplayer experience that looks absolutely unhinged.

Destructive environments — also known as levolution — dominate multiplayer once again, and we’ve got a entirely¬†new dynamic with a completely new range of abilities. Non-lethal takedowns, new strategic elements, and a slew of new vehicles make Battlefield Hardline exactly what PayDay should have been. We even saw a taser, y’all.

Check out the E3 gameplay footage below and see the 16 vs 16 madness for yourself:

Go to the Battlefield website now to sign up for the beta, available for PC and PlayStation 4 today.

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