Anyone as desperate for pick-up games as me would probably share a love for games like Bit. Trip, Echo Chrome, and Flower. Games that are simple in concept but difficult in practice make for a strong combination that leads straight to addiction. This mixture is no stranger to the mobile platform, and often the best mobile games are the ones that challenge the mind or the reflexes rather than dazzling people with graphics and Kevin Spacey (we love you Spacey).  Kumobius’ Duet aims to scribe its name among the best in this genre.



What originally started as a concept about two astronauts lost in space, eventually became an elegant experience that uses synchronicity as its main mechanic. One of my favorite things about indie games tends to be the soundtrack, and I was excited to finally get my hand on this one. If Kumobius has one marketing ploy, it’s enlisting the well-known Melbourne composer Tim Shiel to bring their game to a whole new level. Shiel has released electronic music in the past under the name Faux Pas, and is currently a multi-instrumentalist in Gotye’s live band. The score to Duet seems hypnotic at times, and serene at others, and as far as I’m concerned counts for half of the game when it’s a game on this scale. I’m happy to say that I was more than pleased with both halves, and I would like to see another iteration of this the same way Bit. Trip was able to do. Finally, one of the things I’m most excited about is was released on steam, and the Apple app store. It is playable on Mac! Set aside three of your dollars and let yourself get boxed up the beautiful simplicity of Duet.

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Steven is an aspiring writer from southern New Jersey. He is currently working to complete a BFA in creative writing at Full Sail University.

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