Rejoice– for a new Dragon Ball Z movie is set to release next year in 2015! According to Anime News Network, the September issue of the Japanese magazine, V Jump, will announce the project this Saturday. The movie will release during the string of Japanese holidays, formally called Golden Week.

The anime series’ creator, Akira Toriyama is heading the project by both writing the script and designing the characters for the anticipated movie. Toriyama intends to write the script as a continuation of the popular manga’s original serialization, and also plans for the film to have a completely original story in the same manner as 2013’s Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. The famous mangaka admits that although he didn’t plan on exerting a great deal of effort on the art, but also “fussing over the smallest dialogue lines.”

To put our (the fans) minds at ease over the movie’s quality, Toriyama stated that even his first manga editor complimented him on the work he has done so far — and he rarely ever does that. Toriyama is proud of the work he has put in for the movie, and is confident that the fans will be pleased with the final product of his work as well.


HT: Anime News Network

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